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Price Point

One of the most important questions

Our price points break into 4 different collections:

  • Charlotte's Couture

  • Kanlasaz Diken

  • ​Budget-Friendly Collection

  • Clearance Sales Event

Price Point: About


It's all about the bride and her beauty.


Charlotte's Couture

Price Point: $3000 and up

Charlotte's Couture Collection carries the most detailed and finest design pieces. The details on the dresses are gently made by hand which brings out the maximum luxury quality and completes the bride's beauty.

Kanlasaz Diken Collection
(The Diken Collection)

Price Point: $1999 and up

The dresses in this collection are fine design with less hand made details, however, the quality, the elegant do not get discounted. I'd recommend brides who like lace and less beaded work go with this collection.


Budget-Friendly Collections

Price Point: Start from $599

This collection is suitable for the brides who are looking for a semi wedding, an economic-friendly wedding ceremony with an easy and simple dress.

Clearance Sales Event

Price Point: Discounted Price

This random event is majorly for the dresses that were floor samples, discontinued styles, etc. It's mostly 50%-80% off from the tag price, perfect for the brides with tied budgets.

Price Point: News
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